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The place for comprehensive reviews of Dog Friendly Pubs and Walks in Suffolk


PLEASE NOTE: This site is no longer maintained as we have now emigrated to Italy. If you'd like to contact us for any reason, then our Facebook page is still active:


You can also get in touch at our latest website http://www.cyber-write.com - It's a website around our current careers as creative writers.

Thank you for all your support over the years, we have both enjoyed ourselves visiting the local pubs and areas, and meeting all the dog-minded people of Suffolk.

We have created a new section for Traveling with your dogs. The first article is a description of our trip from Plymouth to Santander on the Pont-Aven ferry.

Don't forget, if you wish to write a review for a good dog friendly pub, and walk, then please do get in touch; we can feature your review on the site.


You can keep up to date, and post comments on the Dog Friendly Suffolk Facebook page (There is a new page for this now, rather than the old group page). Be sure to drop by and say hello. The Facebook page has all the photos from our walks; currently around 400. I have removed the message board for now, so please use the Facebook page for comments.


This is by no means the only site for Dog Friendly places, but we hope you'll find we give the most comprehensive reviews for everywhere we visit. Rather than relying on one or two lines of description, we have visited each of the places reviewed on this site, and with our two hounds we really find out how Dog Friendly the pubs & walks actually are, and what is a really good dog walk. These are not two dogs that you can sneak in anywhere :-)

Below are the reviews available on our site. Click on the pins to see more details. 
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My wife and I have been living in Suffolk for over 10 years now. We love both the county, and our dogs; those are our two at the top of the page, Kopek and Malli. Kopek and Malli give us the opportunity to indulge in our favourite hobby; going for walks and stopping off for a bit of light refreshment in a local pub. There are quite a few spectacular pubs in Suffolk, but it takes a special something to be truly Dog Friendly. We always wanted a site which offered real information to make a great dog day out; but not having found one, we thought wed start a site ourselves.

Doing these reviews helps me fulfill my other interest, and that is writing. In 2009 I published my very first book called Kopek the Destroyer, and yes, you guessed, it's all about Kopek and the very naughty things he got up to in the first eighteen months of his life. If you are interested in funny dog tails (pun intended), then please consider buying a copy. You can simply click on the Amazon link on the left sidebar, and this will take you to the page for both the paperback and eBook versions.

The site has two main areas at the moment, pubs and walks. You may find the pub section fills up a lot quicker than the walks one. Personally, I see the pub as a reward for the walk; my wife on the other hand prefers the walk. There is a PHOTO GALLERY where you can upload your own pictures with 100Mb of storage space for each registered user. We have two Facebook pages; one for Phil, and one for DFS, please feel free to add yourself and make suggestions, comments, or just chat.

If you are the owner or landlord of a Dog Friendly pub and would like us to come and do a review, then please use the Contact Form to get in touch.

Please Note:
a) As neither my wife nor I are disabled, we can only go on what the landlord/owner of the establisment has told us, and/or our direct observations. If in doubt, please ring the establishment prior to visiting.
b) These reviews are written purely from a dog owner's perspective. We know of some excellent pubs in Suffolk, but unfortunately we won't be reviewing them as they are not dog friendly.